Young family gets a sunny new kitchen


Good things require time, patience, and care.  And this gorgeous kitchen certainly took its share of all three. But the payoff is a sunny kitchen with five windows and ample counter space for a young and growing family.  I recently had the opportunity to redesign and build this kitchen for my young friends who purchased an older home in an established neighborhood.  The house had great potential but was in desperate need of a modern kitchen to replace the cramped, dark kitchen that was original to the house.  Now they have an kitchen big enough for daily chores plus birthday parties and craft projects.

Before .  Looks like the Brady Bunch just moved out!

Before.  Looks like the Brady Bunch just moved out!

 Before.  We took this original dining room to be part of the new kitchen. You can see where the new island will be.

Kitchen and dining room walls have been removed.

Close up of the beautiful penny tile that we used before the grout was applied.


Waiting for this project to be over.

I was delighted to receive this photo the night they cooked their first meal in their lovely new kitchen.

I received this photo recently, nearly two years after we completed the project.  This photo is the reason that I build kitchens.