Virtual Renderings for Your Project

Worried about how your new room will really look when finished? I can design a virtual rendering of your room that can show you the view from any angle and give you a realistic idea of what you can expect when your project is finished. Notice how closely this gorgeous Sonoma valley-inspired kitchen resembles the concept drawing that I made before we started construction, even down to the placement of the beams.  


Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 6.12.09 PM.png

Log Cabin Lake Home

I've been keeping this stunning project under wraps until I had something lovely to show, but I can't wait any longer.  Watch for more updates as we add new lighting.

The family room just needs a few finishing touches.

This project has been such rewarding work.  My clients wanted a lovely home on the lake that respected the log cabin appeal that the property has without looking like Gaston did the interior design.  I have mixed upscale quality furniture with rustic accessories giving the home a playful and timeless look without getting kitschy.  My directives were pretty much, "No bears."  Take a look at the photos below to see how far this charming home has come in just a few short months.  

The charcoal painted trim stands crisply against the texture of the logs.


Beautiful teal chest with distressed finish adds a pop of color.






One of the early virtual drawings on this project. It helps so much to see ideas in the space so that we can visualize the final look.  As you can see, we have changed the furniture arrangement from the early discussions.

Sears Catalog Cottage is nearly finished!


We are coming down to the wire on finishing this kitchen and have just a few details to complete. My clients wasted no time moving their things in and beginning to enjoy their new kitchen. These photos are a bit grainy, but I will get better shots when we finish up.  It's very charming and perfectly suited to a cottage in both style and scale.  I couldn't be more pleased...unless we were finished!


Sear Catalog Cottage Kitchen



My clients love their home but are extremely frustrated with the lack of storage (and lack of a built-in dishwasher) in their adorable Sear catalog cottage. Prospective homeowners could actually order the plans and all parts for a home from Sears in the 1930's.   We are going to build in great storage options and turn up the cottage charm.  Check back in a few weeks to see our finished project.

After the demolition

My computer rendering for the finished kitchen.


Master Bedroom Suite

I love finishing a project, and I especially love a pleased client.  Watching the ideas come to life is validating and so much fun.  I was recently notified of this Facebook post by my very happy client.

"when we moved in to this house, we remodeled the entire downstairs, but the master suite was left woefully neglected. upstairs, we lived with lots of ugly wallpaper, gross carpet, no light, and a green tub and toilet for 2-1/2 years. five weeks ago we were finally ready to start phase 2 of "this old house", and we couldn't be happier with the results. we added a wall to divide up the cavernous bedroom area (and create a little sitting/reading/tv area which is not 100% furnished yet). we put in new vinyl (!!) flooring that looks like wood throughout the entire area (bedroom/bathroom/closet). we updated all of the fixtures and completely overhauled the closet. it's actually relaxing to go upstairs now. HUGE thank you to Deb Paessler for all of her gorgeous vision and hard work and to the guys on her team who showed up every morning and worked hard every single day, going above and beyond to attend to every tiny, beautiful detail."

Young Family Kitchen Update

I just love building and remodeling kitchens.  They are truly the heart of a home and can transform a family's daily life.  Building a smart and beautiful kitchen just makes meal preparation so much faster and more enjoyable.  I received this photo this week from my young family and I was delighted to see them doing the very things we dreamed about when planning this space.  This is why I build kitchens.